Prophy paste 125 stk


Polishing pastes are clean

  • Tooth polishing pastes are used to remove staining and biofilm during professional dental cleanings. The result is a smooth and clean tooth surface that offers a smaller retention surface for food, beverage, and tobacco components, and leaves a pleasant feeling for the patient.
  • Good dental polishing pastes provide maximum cleaning with minimal abrasion of hard tooth substances, fillings, and prosthetic fittings.
  • Polishing pastes for professional dental cleaning contain cleaning particles, dampening and binding agents, dyes, flavourings, and therapeutic additives such as xylitol and baking soda.
  • Prophy pastes with baking soda score with low abrasiveness and facilitate the brightening effect during teeth cleaning.
  • The cleaning power of a dental polishing paste is determined, by the type of cleaning particles as well as the power of the prophylaxis used. This means that the contact pressure, treatment time, polishing medium or polishing carrier and the rotation speed used all play important roles.
  • Prophy cups are usually used as a polishing carrier, but the familiar hygienic and efficient disposable prophy angles from the US are winning more and more fans in this country.

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