Sterílpokar litlir 55mm X 130 mm


Litlir sterílpokar 55mm x 130xx 200stk


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  • Suitable for steam sterilisation or ethylene oxide sterilisation, temperatures up to 134°C.
  • Indicators clearly show the status for both steam or ethylene oxide sterilisation.
  • Heavy medical grade paper 60gms.
  • High quality 2-Ply blue tinted film allows viewing of the contents.
  • Triple heat sealed perimeter for optimum strength.
  • The self seal folding flap has a perforated fold guide for accurate placement.
  • For easy opening, the pouches have a thumb cut at the opening end of the pouch.
  • Correct direction of peel is marked on each individual pouch to ensure safe opening without breaks and/or fiber tears.
  • Each pouch is lot number printed for traceability of the production history.
  • Available in eight different sizes.
  • Exceeding Quality Standards. CE / ISO1607-1 / EN868-5 / MDD/93/42