AIRFLOW PLUS – duft 400gr – Álbrúsi


Prophylax duft fyrir hárþrýstihreinsun tanna og munnhols (Sub og Supragingival).

 The EMS AIRFLOW PLUS POWDER is exclusively developed and produced by EMS / Dr. Wittman under constant control by own chemical laboratories located in Nyon, Switzerland and Zwingenberg, Germany.

• The leading generation of smart powders in a unique and new aluminum bottle design for fast and smooth powder chamber refills, long-term sustainability, and an eco-friendly solution.

• The ONE and ONLY Erythritol + CHX (Chlorhexidine Digluconate) patented formula for ALL clinical applications and ALL patients. Erythritol with its antimicrobial properties in oral care is clinically proven to decrease the incidence of caries, fight plaque and improve overall oral health (de Cock 2018).

• The CHX preservative agent is hypoallergenic, it enhances the versatility of the powder and provides a neutral taste for patients during AIRFLOW® treatment.

• Now in a unique and high-quality food grade aluminum bottle design that secures moisture-free storage and reduces environmental impact.

• The aluminum bottle protects the AIRFLOW PLUS POWDER from humidity and our customers from illegal copies.

• BPA free!

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