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Alginate adhesive, 2 x 14 ml

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Improves both physically and chemically the adhesion between impression tray and alginate impression material. Cavex Alginate Adhesive is exclusively developed for use in combination with alginate impression material.


  • improves both physical and chemical adhesion between impression tray and alginate impression material
  • less deformation to impression will occur when removing tray from mouth, thus improving overall quality of the impression
  • developed for use with alginate impression material on both metal and resin trays
  • every bottle cap is equipped with a small applicator brush
  • applicator makes it easy to target adhesive
  • applicator generates less haze in comparison to sprays
  • distinctive blue colour makes adhesive easy to work with
  • over 50 applications per bottle
  • residue can easily be removed using isopropyl alcohol or ethanol (96%)