Composite hitari


Verkfærin á myndinni fylgja ekki.

Passar fyrir composite byssur CoMax, Daulk, Kerr (Original Model) SDI og Compo Jet.

Pláss fyrir tvö verkfæri líka.

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Calset Tri Tray – Composite Warmer

Warming composites couldn’t be easier with AdDent’s new Calset Tri Tray. Not only will it warm your compule in a dispenser gun, it warms 2 placement instruments that will enable you to sculpt the composite easier and with more precision. It also holds, and warms 3 extra compules. Using the AdDent CoMax dispenser, the compule can be picked up directly from the tray without even touching the compule, however other composite dispensers can be used for warming purposes.The new Tri Tray can be purchased separately for those who own a Calset, or as a complete Calset Tri Tray Composite Warmer. Other available trays are: Porcelain Veneer Tray, Anesthetic Tray, and Syringe Tray.

• Thermal Assisted Light Polymerization

• Calset Tri-Tray warms composites
• Warms 2 finishing instruments, making it easier to sculpt the composite
• Holds 3 spare compules
• Warmed composite provide quicker cures
• Less Microleakage
• Stronger restoration