Shade Correction – Magnpakkning


Magnpakning með 10 penslum af lýsingarefninu.

Litaleiðrétting sem endurnýjar náttúrulegan lit tannanna. Framkvæmt á stofu hjá tannlækni.

  • Virkar hratt og vel.
  • Berist á tvisvar til þrisvar með 15 mínútna millibili.
  • Efninu er penslað á með þægilegum bursta
  • Má geyma við stofuhita
  • 25% Hydrogen Peroxide Superior
  • Class I Medical Device
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Cavex Bite&White Shade Correction is a fast, safe and effective system for restoring the natural tooth color. It is an In-Office system, so the entire procedure is carried out by the dentist in the dental practice. The revolutionary gel in the system makes it possible to restore the original tooth color with only 2 to 3 applications in 1 treatment.

The Shade Correction System is based on 25% Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS). This revolutionary gel, developed and patented by Cavex, is based on reactive oxygen added in the form of stabilized, encapsulated hydrogen peroxide. Upon contact with saliva, the pure hydrogen peroxide in the HPS gel is rapidly broken down into oxygen and water. This process creates free radicals that attack the carbon double bonds in chromophores that are the source of most discoloration in teeth.

Due to the unique formula, the HPS gel works extremely fast. This minimizes treatment time and thus the risk of sensitivity. The thermo-reversible properties of the gel ensure that it stays perfectly in place during the treatment which maximizes the final result. The system consists of a unique applicator pen with a brush for maximum control during application and a protective barrier to protect the surrounding soft tissue.