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Bakka-servíettur, 250 stykki í pakka. Stærð 18×28 cm

Dental tray paper: availability

Dental tray paper is available in a range of soft and brilliant colours to meet any aesthetic need: white, Mediterranean blue, orange, pink, purple, yellow and mint.

The size of each sheet of paper is 28 x 18 cm. Tray paper is supplied in packages with 250 sheets in each. PERFECTO TRAY PAPER is recommended for dental or medical studios, hospitals and health structures.


The advantages of a Perfecto Dental Tray Paper

Highly resistant and absorbent, Dispotech dental tray papers:

  • are used as a protection either in reusable trays or on articulated shelves
  • prevent cross-contamination and water seepage to the tray surface
  • are easy to be disposed of
  • are Made in Italy

In addition to this, if you are looking for customisable dental tray papers, you can ask us to print your logo on them or change the size or the format of the packaging.


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Bakka-servíettur, 250 stykki í pakka. Stærð 18×28 cm

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