Bitpappír 40 micron hefti eða rúlla – Bausch


Bitpappír blár og rauður, 40 micron.

200 blöð í heftunum

10 til 15 metrar í rúllunum

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Bausch 40µ micro-thin Articulating Papers are extremely thin and tear resistant and are coated with
liquid colors on both sides. These papers mark precisely because of the thin material; false or
smear contacts can thus be avoided. The special coating with liquid colors facilitates accurate
marking of all occlusal contacts or occlusal interferences. Moist occlusal surfaces such as gold,
ceramic, polished metal or acrylic, which are difficult to examine, do not pose any problem.
The special color coating with liquid colors consists of many color-filled microcapsules. Even the
slightest masticatory pressure can cause the capsules to burst and thus release the distinctly visible
color. Also repeated marking is possible because of color regeneration.
Bausch micro-thin Articulating Papers are especially suitable for the two-tone representation of static
and dynamic occlusion. The first step is to inspect the concentric contacts (static occlusion) in red,
and the second step to inspect the eccentric contacts (dynamic occlusion) in blue. The color
sequence can, of course, be altered

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