Diamond finishin strips


Diamond Finishing Strips – SerratedHNA-010

Red Tip – Fine 3.75mm



  • For contouring the proximal regions of all types of fillings
  • Removing excess material from the proximal regions of filling-materials like composites, acrylics, glass ionomer cements and amalgam
  • Removing excess cement after placing inlays, onlays and laminate veneers
  • Contours the proximal regions anatomically
  • Simplifies working procedures through the serrated edge which separates interdental spaces quickly
  • The serrated diamonds strips have wider non-diamond coated area, which simplifies sawing
  • Serrated sawing edge and diamond-coated abrasive area combined in one instrument simplifies working procedures
  • Made of highly stable stainless steel to resist breaking and stretching for an economical service life
  • Autoclavable
  • Length: 147mm

Pack of 10