Lýsingarefni í penna 6% Hydrogen Peroxide


Hentug leið til að viðhalda hvítum tönnum og/eða fullkomna hvíttunina.

Þarf ekki að geyma í kæli og því hægt að nota hvar og hvenær sem er.

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The Cavex Bite&White Tooth Whitening Pen is a “brush-on” on-the-go whitening tool which can be used anywhere at any time. Whether you like to do complete whitening of upper and lower jaw or only touch-up those difficult, hard to reach spots, the Cavex Bite&White Whitening Pen can do it all. Simply take of the cap, turn the pen button until a small droplet of whitening gel appears and apply directly to the teeth. How easy is that?

revolutionary PVP-technology

For any tooth whitening pen, maximum peroxide stability is required in both content and viscosity. The use of the revolutionary new PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) offers this stability. Where other whitening pens must be stored under cool circumstances, the Cavex Bite&White Tooth Whitening Pen can be stored at room temperature and the reaction will only then start when there is contact with the teeth.


  • Does not need refrigeration
  • Effective and safe
  • Max. 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Leak free pen