Tuff temp – bráðabirgðakrónu-efni


Inniheldur: 50ml, 20 stúta og 3ml Glaze

Litur A3

  • Sterkt og endingargott
  • Fallegt
  • Dual Cure
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  • Sterkt og endingargott
  • Fallegt
  • Dual Cure
Flexural Strength / Deflection at Break

Tuff-Temp Plus exhibits very high flexural strength without brittleness. Its deflection at break, the key indicator of toughness, is 50% to 100% greater than bis-acrylics.

Key Features
  • Tough and resilient
  • Impact and fracture resistant
  • Tight fitting temps grip teeth securely
  • Greatly reduces breakage and cementation failures
  • Grinds and powders without softening
  • Trims to crisp, perfect margins
  • Does not gum up finishing instruments
  • Self-cure with fast light cure option
  • Enhanced esthetics
  • Faster setting time
  • Snap set
  • Fluorescence added
Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze

A light cure glaze with the same proprietary rubberized-urethane chemistry that provides enhanced esthetics and patient satisfaction during temporization.

Tuff-Temp Provisional Add-on

This shade-matching flowable Add-on is light cure and is formulated from the same proprietary rubberized-urethane chemistry. It is ideal for making alterations and for smile design

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